Monica Marie White, Ph.D.
Garden Griot


Kuumba, M. Bahati and Monica M. White (eds).  Forthcoming. Transnational Transgressions: African Women, Struggle and Transformation in Global Perspective. Africa World Press.

Refereed Journal Articles
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Chapters in Edited Volumes
White Monica, M.  Forthcoming.  “Resistance Strategies in South African and African American Women’s Autobiographies,” in Transnational Transgressions:  African Women, Struggle and Transformation in Global Perspective, edited by M. Bahati Kuumba & M. White. Africa World Press. 

White, Monica, M.  2009.  “Socio-Psychological Processes in Racial Formation:  A Case Study of the Autobiographies of Former Black Panther Party Members,” in Race Struggles, edited by S. Cha-Jua, T. Koditschek, & H. Neville. University of Illinois Press.

White, Monica, M.  2011.  “Detroit, Race and Urban Gardening.”  When We Dream Together:  Creating Communities of Opportunity.  Read

White, Monica, M.  2010.  “D-Town: African American Farmers, Food Security and Detroit.”  Black Agenda Report.  Read

Manuscripts in progress and under review

White, Monica, M. “A Journey to Liberation:  Culture of Resistance and Mobilization in the Newsletters of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers.” Under Review at Critical Sociology.

White, Monica, M.  “Cultivating Justice:  Teaching, Research, and Community Engagement Through Urban Gardens.”  Under Review at Teaching Sociology.

White, Monica, M.  “Planting Seeds of Resistance, Harvesting Change:  Race, Gender and Farming in Detroit.”  To be submitted to International Social Science Review.

White, Monica, M. “The White Elephant in the Community Garden:  Race, Whiteness and the Urban Gardening Movement in Detroit.” To be submitted to Mobilization

Manuscripts Under Preparation
White, Monica, M. 
Freedom Farmers: Agricultural Resistance and the Black Freedom Movement, 1880-2010.