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| Episode 53: Dr. Monica White on "Freedom Farmers"

Today’s guest is Dr. Monica M. White, assistant professor of environmental justice, urban agriculture and community food systems at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and author of Freedom Farmers: Agricultural Resistance and the Black Freedom Movement published this month. On the show we talk about the history of farming in Black liberation and her favorite restaurants in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Journal Articles

VISIT: Academia.edu/MonicaMWhite


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“Shouldering Responsibility for the Delivery of Human Rights:  A Case Study of the D-Town Farmers of Detroit,” Race/Ethnicity: Multicultural Global Contexts, Vol. 3 (2):  189-212. White, Monica, M.  2009.

Additional Writings

Chapters in Edited Volumes: Race Struggles

White, Monica, M.  2009. “Socio-Psychological Processes in Racial Formation:  A Case Study of the Autobiographies of Former Black Panther Party Members,” in Race Struggles, edited by S. Cha-Jua, T. Koditschek, & H. Neville. University of Illinois Press.


White, Monica, M.  2011. “Detroit, Race and Urban Gardening.”  When We Dream Together: Creating Communities of Opportunity.  Read

White, Monica, M.  2010. “D-Town: African American Farmers, Food Security and Detroit.”  Black Agenda Report. Read