Historic Organizations

Colored Farmers' National Alliance and Cooperative Union

COLORED FARMERS’ ALLIANCE. In the 1880s black farmers in the South, like white farmers, faced economic problems resulting from falling commodity prices, rising farm costs, and high interest rates.


Black Oaks Center for Sustainable/ Renewable Living

Creating safe, healing spaces founded on the principles of environmental stewardship and social equality.

Detroit Black Community Food Security Network

Ensuring that Detroit’s African American population participates in the food movement because we are the vast majority of the population in Detroit, and we are in the leadership of the movement locally.


HABESHA, Inc. is a Pan-African organization that cultivates leadership in youth and families through practical experiences in cultural education, sustainable agriculture, entrepreneurship, holistic health, and technology.

National Black Farmers Association

Representing African American farmers and their families in the United States and serving tens of thousands of members nationwide. NBFA’s education and advocacy efforts have been focused on civil rights, land retention, access to public and private loans, education and agricultural training, and rural economic development for black and other small farmers.

SoGreen Network

We are a non-profit environmental organization creating a network that is focused on implementing a green agenda in both urban and rural low wealth communities.

Black Environmental Thought II

United in common cause to promote a more economically just and sane environmental future for African Americans in the United States.